Friday, January 4, 2008

Victory in Iowa!

Last night, Ron Paul took 10% of the vote in the Republican primary caucuses in Iowa. He finished in 5th overall but only a few percentage points behind media darling candidates McCain and Thompson.

I found 10% to be a HUGE victory in a state notorious for bible-thumpers who were going for Huckabee no matter what. Romney had been running ads and traveling around Iowa since January 2007, so he was a lock for 2nd place. The only battle was for 3rd and Paul held his ground and even beat once-favored Rudy Giuliani!

Also, Ron Paul's sucess in Iowa proved that poll numbers are inaccurate. His average poll number in Iowa going into last night's caucus was 7.5%, but he managed 10% of the vote. This is mainly due to polls not calling cell phones, which skews results.

Ron Paul should see an even better number in New Hampshire in 4 days. There are more independent voters in New Hampshire and Huckabee will be far less of a force there. Beyond that, Ron Paul's message of liberty and freedom resonates well in a state who's motto is "Live Free or Die"!

The Ron Paul Revolution continues in New Hampshire on Tuesday, January 8th.

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Oliver Nassar said...

im curious what you think real staying power on ron paul is.. i put at the poll that i didn't really know, but am curious what others think..

some great beliefs on the fed in my opinion