Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Paul on MSNBC

What a great interview. Money, support, but no attention paid by most mainstream media. Numbers continue to grow despite this. Our local meetup group is now up to 700 members!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ron Paul on Mad Money with Jim Cramer 12-14-07

THIS is why Ron Paul is heads and tails above the other candidates, why I'm voting for him, and why he has a chance to win.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

"Can Ron Paul translate his 'internet' support into real-world votes" is the mantra of the disbelievers in the reality of Ron Paul's support.

The internet in late-2007 is light years ahead of where the internet was in late-2003 when the Howard Dean campaign was catching fire online.

The notion that "internet support" and real support are two different things is coming from people older than 40 who likely work in old media outlets like newspapers, magazines, or even television.

This notion is now ridiculous. It would be like saying can the Ipod and mp3 players sway people way from CD's at this point?

Believe it or not, the 77,000 people in meetup groups across the country (and around the world) are REAL live, living and breathing human beings- most of whom WILL be voting in 2008. And these 77,000 are just a portion of the total number of Paul supporters. There are thousands of Paul supporters around the country who have never joined or been to a Meetup.

The old media outlets are becoming irrelevant by the day. They continue to try to promote the belief that the internet is somehow not real, not the truth, and "spammers" are somehow making it look like Ron Paul has support, while TELEVISION gives us the truth, and by ignoring Paul and his support we can clearly see that there are hardly any Paul supporters and it's just a figment of internet imagination!

What kind of warped reasoning is this?

It's one that comes from people trying to desperately prove their relevance- and keep their outdated careers alive as long as they can.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Land of the Free

Let's get on this and donate $100 on 12/16. This date will be the biggest one-day contribution for any candidate in history!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Runnin for Ron!

This morning I did a 10k "turkey trot" run and met up with a few fellow Ron Paul supporters here in San Diego. We all wore t-shirts and one guy dragged a wagon behind him with signs, slimjims, and a CD player playing Ron Paul speeches!

There were probably 600 people at the event. Plenty of them were exposed to Ron Paul, a few came over to us after the race. Most were neutral or supportive. One guy ran by my friend who was wearing a t-shirt and informed him that Ron Paul would let poor people starve! Pretty funny since what does he think is happening now? What would his version of government do for these poor people? Give them weekly rations of food?

The attacks on Ron Paul, as ridiculous as they usually are, are a good sign. His name is getting out there. Freedom is clearly not for everyone, so there will be some backlash. But it's nice to get ANY reaction, rather than NO reaction!

My run by the way was good- 45 minutes and a new PR for me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ron Paul wins latest Nationwide Zogby Poll!

Ron Paul Wins Nationwide Zogby Blind Poll

The predominant group targeted by the phone polling was hard-line
Republicans. The biographies of the candidates were attribute ,
political platform and issue-substantiated and provided by Zogby. The
Iraq war was a defining issue and according to another question in the
poll, people overwhelmingly support bringing the troops home from
Iraq. When asked:

Which candidate are you more likely to vote for - a candidate who is
opposed to the Iraq War and wants to begin an immediate withdrawal
from Iraq or a candidate who wants to stay the course in Iraq?

49% responded they want immediate withdrawal, 41% want to stay the
course and 10% were unsure.

In the ‘blind-bio’ poll, which serves to discuss the issues and
policies of the candidates without the nameplate, Ron Paul is the big
winner with a 32.8% share with Giuliani following at 18.6%. As
reported here, each candidate was represented ‘blindly’:

Candidate A is a 10-term US Congressman from a large Southern state
who is an advocate for a smaller government and individual liberty.
This candidate believes in strictly following the Constitution and has
never voted to raise taxes. He has never voted in favor of the war in
Iraq or the Patriot Act, and wants to bring troops home as soon as
possible. As a former doctor, this candidate has delivered more than
4,000 babies. One of this candidate’s goals is to return America to
the gold standard, and he believes that the current monetary policy
needs to be drastically overhauled because of the dollar’s decline.

Candidate B is a former governor from a Democratic state in the
Northeast. Before that, he was credited for essentially saving the
2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. He is a Mormon and family man
who is considered a moderate-to-conservative member of the GOP. While
Governor, he signed the first state laws in the nation requiring all
citizens of this state to obtain health insurance. He is a strong
supporter of keeping troops in Iraq although he has been critical of
how the war has been handled.

Candidate C is a former two-term senator from a Southern state who was
a long-time lobbyist before running for public office. He was chief
Republican council for the Congressional committee that investigated
Watergate in the early 1970s. He was an actor playing supporting roles
in several major motion pictures before entering the Senate, and
returned to a prominent role as a New York City prosecutor in a
popular network television series after leaving office. He has mostly
supported the war in Iraq, but has said he would have managed it

Candidate D is a former two-term mayor of a major city in the
Northeast, and is considered a moderate member of the party on social
issues. As Mayor, he presided over a dramatic drop in crime in his
city, and is best known for his leadership in the aftermath of the
9/11 terrorist attacks. He established a worldwide security consulting
business after leaving public office at the end of 2001 He has been a
supporter of President Bush since leaving office and supports the war
in Iraq.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ron Paul silver dollars confiscated

Amazing. The FBI raided the headquarters of the Liberty Dollar and confiscated all the Ron Paul dollars as well as the silver stored to back the liberty dollar. Story developing, may have something to do with donations to the Ron Paul campaign. This could actually backfire on the people who want to put a stop to the Ron Paul campaign- already he is getting mainstream media coverage from this story!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I asked Lou Dobbs a question last night!

I went to go see Lou Dobbs speak at UC San Diego last night. He was there to promote his new book, "Independents Day".

Here's a recap of my evening, and what I learned:

I arrived and right outside the venue, there was a huge protest going on, lots of signs that said "Lou Dobbs is a Racist!" and other accusations along those lines.

I entered the building and the woman taking my ticket noticed my Ron Paul 2008 button. She smiled and I asked her if she liked Ron Paul. She said "yes he will take lots of votes away from the republicans and democrats." I told her not only that but he has a good chance to WIN the GOP. She gave me a funny look and I told her he raised $4.3 million in one day last week. She was very surprised to hear this!

The Dobbs talk was not too far from what he says on air. His main platform is that the republicans and democrats are two wings of the same bird, that they're both bought and paid for by corporations. He believes we all need to register as independents and find a candidate for 08 that is not running for either major party.

He went on to talk about how the illegal immigration issue is NOT racial, and is instead political. He mentioned the North America Union but clearly stayed away from the topic as a reason for all the illegal immigration. He mentioned Ron Paul briefly and said how while the $4.2 million day was impressive, if we had an independent candidate, that could be a daily event.

The Q&A session was interesting. We wrote down questions and Lou read them and answered. Mine was "How would a Ron Paul presidency help the American people?" And "Can you tell us more about the North American Union?"

He skipped my NAU question but did answer about RP. He said that he is not a supporter of Ron Paul. He does think that Paul and John Edwards are the two closest candidates to his views, but he does not think they will do enough about our borders and ports, or our education.

Someone asked about Bloomberg and he's not at all excited about him.

Another question was about the CFR and he just said it is an elite organization that does not have the American people in it's best interest.

He was asked about Kucinich's bill to impeach Cheney, and he said while Kucinich has a lot of good ideas, impeachment would be a waste of time- if we impeach Cheney, we should impeach a lot of others in the administration. Instead, Dobbs said, we should vote all these corporate politicians out and vote in independents.

Enrique (the guy that hangs out at the border and argues with the minutemen ) was there and accused Dobbs of being a racist. Dobbs brought him up near the stage and asked him a couple of questions. Enrique is full of confidence but appears to have many facts wrong, and he could not back up his accusations with any examples. It started to get a little rowdy as people were yelling at Enrique, but it quickly calmed down and everyone was civil.

Overall I feel that Lou Dobbs is truly independent and is not beholden to a political party or candidate. However, he is also a statist who believes in government solutions to most problems. He pushes the envelope more than most reporters on TV, however, he skirts along the edge of complex topics like the CFR and NAU (to keep his job in my opinion), and does not delve very deep into them.

He could do more, but he clearly does not want to upset his bosses enough to take him off the air.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Wow, if you really want a lesson on the constitution, watch this interview and pay close attention to Paul's reasoning for voting the way he did.

Ron Paul on CNBC Talking Monetary Policy 11-8-07

Great interview! Competing currencies defined by Ron Paul.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Superb endorsement by Peter Schiff!

Also it has been confirmed that long time stock market guru Richard Russell has endorsed Ron Paul! Here is Schiff's letter to his base:

Call to Action

Congressman Ron Paul, America's best hope for the future.

I recently had the pleasure of personally handing the Honorable Ron Paul (the only member of Congress truly worthy of that title) a $2,300 check (the legal maximum) as my contribution toward his presidential campaign. I have never given one dime to a politician (though Congressman Paul is more of a statesman then politician) in my life, and you know what; it felt great. It was the best $2,300 I ever spent. The purpose of this email is to urge every single one of my clients, every subscriber to my newsletter, and every one in my database, to make a similar contribution.

There are over 60,000 names in my database. If a significant percentage of us donate $2,300 to Ron Paul, he will have a decent shot at being the Republican nominee, and he is probably the only Republican candidate capable of wining the Presidency in 2008. Come election time, this country will likely be in a severe recession, and Ron Paul is the only Republican able to distance himself from President Bush, who will clearly be blamed for the mess our economy will be in.

Like me, Ron Paul was against America's decision to invade Iraq. Unfortunately, our predictions regarding what would happen if we did have all been proven correct. However, the one good thing that could potentially come of this whole fiasco is that it may be the single biggest factor making Ron Paul so electable. If that is the price of putting the only principled man in Congress into the Oval Office then perhaps it was worth it.

Unfortunately, most of the criticism of our phony economic expansion has come from the left. The mindless cheerleading of the right will leave them devoid of any credibility on economic issues. Ron Paul is the only Republican who can say "I told you so." If, as a result of right wing rhetoric, voters blame capitalism for our problems, this nation will take a giant turn to the left. While many on the left have criticized the economy, they have mainly done so for the wrong reasons and their "solutions" will only make the situation worse.

Fortunately we have the power to stop them and we cannot let the opportunity to do so pass us by. This is a unique moment in history, a fork in the road to serfdom. We may actually be able to prove our founding fathers wrong in their belief that democracy does not work (For those of you who do not know our nation was founded as a Republic not a Democracy. For more on the difference between the two forms of government read my new book Crash Proof. Click here to order your copy.) Perhaps with your help we can prove that the special interests of political factions can actually be overcome by an inspired electorate motivated solely by the love of freedom and a respect for the constitution.

If you are fortunate enough to be one of my clients, writing a $2,300 check should not be a problem. As I have likely made you tons of money over the years, here is an opportunity to donate some of it to a worthy cause. We have made our money by betting against the U.S and betting against the dollar. Giving $2,300 of our winnings to Ron Paul gives us the opportunity to bet ON America for a change. And it's a bet none of us can afford to lose, and the best part about it is that if we all make this bet together we can't lose.

My penchant for foreign investments has from time to time caused some of my critics to label me unpatriotic. While such attacks are clearly out of line, using some of our foreign profits to secure the election of Ron Paul goes a long way toward defusing such allegations.

If you are not a client and you think $2,300 is a lot of money, it's not. In fact, if Ron Paul is not our next President, such a sum will be practically worthless by the end of the term of whoever is. So what do you have to lose? Just write the check and hope for the best.

Do not just send in $50 or $100, dig down deep and pony up. If you are married send him $4,600. Think of what is at stake. Let's not let Ron Paul lose this election for lack of money. Think about the sacrifices others have made for this country. Think of those who have given their lives to secure the liberties we are now losing to a tyrannical Federal Government. The signers of the Declaration of Independence not only risked their sacred honor but their very lives. You have a chance to do something to reclaim the principles embedded in that document yet risk nothing but a lousy 2,300 bucks, the cost of a single plasma TV. If we all make that one small sacrifice, maybe, just maybe, those who have died defending our freedoms may finally rest in peace.

Giving money or voting for any other political candidate, Democrat or Republican, is a complete waste of time, effort and money. The only person in the race whose victory will make any difference what-so-ever is Ron Paul. Even if he does not win, just having his positions heard by a wider audience will make a bigger difference to the country than the outcome of the election itself.

Do not get me wrong; electing Ron Paul will not stop America's day of reckoning from coming. The piper will have to be paid no matter who is in the White House. However, President Ron Paul will be extremely important if we are going to dig our way out of this giant hole. Any other declared presidential candidate will make the job far more difficult if not completely impossible.

Rebuilding a viable industrial economy will require a return to our constitutional roots of limited government, low taxes, minimal regulation, and sound money. Ron Paul is the only candidate capable of bring those reforms about. He has already proven that his principles are more important then his own reelection. He is the only man in Congress I know that power did not corrupt. In fact, with Ron Paul as President, many others in Congress might actually find the courage to vote their conscience as well.

If you do not know who Ron Paul is, visit his web site at and see for yourself. He is the real deal, a true statesmen and citizen politician in the traditions envisioned by the framers of our Republic. From time to time I get emails from people suggesting that I run for President. While such suggestions are indeed flattering, I realize that they are offered purely in jest. However, for those who agree with my take on things, a vote for Ron Paul is the closet thing to a vote for me that you will ever have an opportunity to cast. He understands the real problems facing our nation and knows what must be done to enable "we the people" to solve them for ourselves.

Here is the link to make your contribution.

If you donate by telephone or use the general donation web page, make sure to reference the project code "Schiff" when you do. That way I can better judge the effectiveness of this email.

Once you have done so forward this email to every contact in your address book. Let's give Ron Paul the greatest political war chest in history. In modern American politics money talks. With your help, Ron Paul's voice can be the loudest one of all.


Peter Schiff
President and Chief Global Strategist
Euro Pacific Capital

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

$4.2 Million! Why Ron Paul's Message is Winning

Yesterday, the Ron Paul for president campaign raised $4.2 million dollars from its grassroots supporters. 37,000 of them gave an average of $129 each to the campaign, inspired by the movie "V for Vendetta" (Remember, Remember, the 5th of November!).

This is completely unprecedented in politics! The only candidate in history to raise more than this in one day was John Kerry in September, 2004, who raised $5 million the day he accepted the democratic nomination. The huge difference was that most of the Kerry money was from the corporate elite, not $100 donations from average Joe voter!

The pundits will be out trying to make sense of this phenomenon today, including the neocon radio talk show hosts. They will make up crazy conspiracies like "it must be the Clintons donating!" and they will try to come up with excuses like "well these aren't republicans who are donating anyway". They will put forth the media-spun poll numbers and claim "Ron Paul is not a factor anyway, he's only polling at 3%!" (which even if you take these land line polls seriously, is wrong: he's at 5% in the latest CNN poll).

The real question is, why is this man and his ideas so popular?

It's not an easy question, and there certainly is no sound byte answer here! Here's a quick overview to explain the $4.2 million in one day:

1. A large percentage of Americans actually agree with Ron Paul's ideas regarding freedom and liberty, which no other candidate is discussing, i.e., Paul would put an end to the Patriot Act.

2. Ron Paul is anti-establishment and anti-status quo. Even today, Americans have an inherent tendency to go against authority, or as some might say, a rebellious streak. Ron Paul represents this like no other candidate.

3. There are actually millions of libertarians in the U.S. who have been sitting on the sidelines in the past few presidential elections. Ron Paul coming on to the national spotlight has given them hope that they haven't had in a long time. In the past, libertarians running in the Libertarian party would be lucky to get 1% of the vote, most did not even do that well. Now, we have a candidate who has 1,100 Meetup groups with 70,000 members, growing by the day!

4. Many feel that NOW is the time for real change in D.C., and voting for a democrat is really not going to make a whole lot of difference from what we have now- most of the democrats will keep the war and military-industrial complex alive, while taking more of your money in the process. Other GOP candidates offer either more of the same, unpopular G.W. Bush policies, or even want to take it a step further and get us involved in a nuclear World War III!

5. Ron Paul is the only true anti-war candidate from either two of the major parties, and 70+% are now against the war.

6. Ron Paul is clearly not running for president to "take power", in fact, he is a reluctant candidate who wants to take the power AWAY from the federal government. Everyone else running is going to "run the country", Ron Paul wants the people themselves to run it.

I could probably list a dozen or so more reasons why Ron Paul is exploding in popularity, but I have to go work and make some fiat dollars in what is left of the free market in the U.S.!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Sanctions are an act of war."- Ron Paul

People just blindly accept that sanctions are great, because "it's better than going to war".

But the problem is, sanctions don't work, and like Ron Paul said, they are an act of war!

Did you know that we had sanctions in Iraq for 9 years from 1992-2001 where over 600,000 Iraqi's died directly because of these sanctions?
And after all that, we went to war with them anyway, and have killed hundreds of thousands more!

Sure, Saddam was a bad guy and guilty as charged of the crimes of killing over 100 of his own citizens.

But how are our sanctions going to help a situation like this?

It's the same thing in Iran. We are entangled in Iran deeply now, and have struck the first blow with these recent sanctions. How long can this last before we are in a full fledged war with Iran, while we continue to build Iraq and fight the taliban in Afganistan?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Political Bumper Stickers/November 5th Donation

I have hardly noticed any bumper stickers yet at all this season, however, I've been keeping tabs on what I have seen. Here are my totals so far (not including going to Ron Paul meetups!):

Barack Obama- 7
Ron Paul- 6
John McCain- 1
Hillary Clinton- 1

"Unscientific" poll but this gives an idea on who the legitimate most popular candidates are.

By the way, on this November 5th, there is an effort to get 100,000 people to donate $100 to Ron Paul and be a part of the largest donation day in ANY campaign ever! To sign up, go to

I plan on throwing him $175!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Calling all Paulites...Remember the Fifth of November

This is a great idea. I'm going to save my money and donate the $100 on 11/5. Go Ron Paul!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ron Paul On The Abrams Report 10-10-07

Ron Paul blasted Bush and I love it. Bush is a neocon and would NEVER give an endorsement to Ron Paul! Beyond that, Bush has practically endorsed Hillary Clinton already.
Whatever Republican takes George Bush's endorsement is completely doomed. Nice interview and I'm glad to get the neocon/conservative difference cleared up.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ron Paul on ABC World News 10-3-07

Great piece on ABC News! JUST COME HOME!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Official Polls? Scientific Polls? Margin of Error? Straw Polls?

Alright, it's time we address the huge piece of disinformation coming out of the mainstream media regarding polls.

The media keeps telling us Ron Paul is a "longshot" because he only registers 3-4% in polls. However, they will only consider a couple of major sources for polls like Gallop and Zogby. Well does anyone know how these national poll companies figure out who the "likely voters" are that they will call?

"Likely voters" are basically those who voted in the last republican primary. Tell me, mainstream media, how in the world is this "scientific" or even close to accurate, when a candidate like Ron Paul is drawing more than half of his support from people who were not registered as Republicans in 2004? Paul draws in former democrats, libertarians, independents, and constitutionalists. These people would never get called in a poll!

On top of that I have another major problems with these old-line media polls. They only call people on their land telephone lines! Since Ron Paul is getting a lot of support from the 18-29 age group, and many of them use cell phones only, it's not likely that these pollsters will be calling much from that age group.

The polls are fixed and completely inaccurate. It's time we stopped paying attention to them and instead look at other real life meaningful polls like text message polls, straw polls, and online polls where people can only vote once. Ron Paul by the way is doing just fine in each of these categories.

Ignore the media disinformation and support Ron Paul for president 2008!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Air

This guy is absolutely right. It's NOT about political parties this time. People need to break free of their "tribes"!

Ron Paul: Our Power, Our Responsibility

I don't normally post these music videos, but this one is really powerful.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Rudy Giuliani in London

A couple days ago, the mainstream media reported that former NYC Mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani was in LONDON, ENGLAND, meeting with Tony Blair, Margret Thatcher, and raise money for his campaign of course!

The reporters questioned nothing about this event, as if it is perfectly normal for candidates to hop around the globe and meet with world leaders to raise campaign funds.

There is no honest reporting left in America. Just after this Giuliani report, they launched into the latest on the OJ Simpson arrest. It's not important what Rudy was doing in England, but we must get to the bottom of this celebrity tragedy!

I want to know what he was doing there. Obviously, it was not for fundraising- if this were true, why wouldn't Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and even Ron Paul be flying overseas to get these funds? And if it were true, WHO is donating to Giuliani's campaign over there? Tony Blair? Thatcher? Come on.

I find it VERY interesting how much time he spends in London. In fact, Rudy Giuliani JUST HAPPENED to be in London on the day of the 7/7/05 bombings! What a coincidence.

It seems to me that Rudy Giuliani is involved in some international affairs. What are they?

We have a right to know, but our media has completely failed us.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ron Paul Addresses Banking Hearing on Moral Hazard

Ron Paul has it right once again.
The poor and the middle class get screwed while the elites make out like bandits. The Bernake/Fed policy is bankrupt, and is destroying the dollar, as well as the wealth of the American people.

Ron Paul easily wins this debate but there really are no winners, as most of the country loses.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Freedom of Speech?

I've seen the video of Andrew Meyer, the kid who got assaulted by cops when John Kerry visted University of Florida Monday. You can view one of the videos here:

I'm completely disgusted!

The kid was TASERED for god's sake, and this was AFTER he was handcuffed!

He simply hogged the mike and asked Kerry some tough questions.

He was also a Ron Paul supporter, but the point is, this police brutality will continue unless we bring back freedom, and support Ron Paul's ideas.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ron Paul Rally at USC

I made it up to L.A. (from San Diego) yesterday along with a few of my Ron Paul meetup friends to attend the rally and proceeding benefit cocktail reception.

The whole afternoon was a blast! Ron's speeches were great and we got the word out to a lot of students on campus. He emphasized the horrendous drug war policies and how our solution for drug addicts is jail, which is equivalent to putting alcoholics in jail. He also talked about ending the war and getting rid of the Federal Reserve altogether.

Later at the cocktail reception, he told the crowd that no matter what happens with this campaign, we ARE getting the freedom message out there and this is by no means a waste of time. I also found out he was on his college swim team which was a thrill since I was also a swimmer in college!

All of us were blown away by the energy this 72-year old man has. I'm half his age and I don't think I could do all that he does!

Meeting Ron Paul was something I won't forget and I also got a Ron Paul-signed copy of the constitution!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ron Paul Facts

I attended a screening of the new documentary "Zeitgeist" last night here in San Diego. It's a mind-blowing movie about the creation and implementation of myths in our society....I think everyone should see it. But that's a topic for another post!

There was some discussion afterwards and there were a few people in the audience with a definite left/liberal leaning view of the world. I heard a few insane/incorrect comments that I'd like to address here:

1) One guy stood up and started ripping Ron Paul and libertarianism. The movie made a point about getting rid of the Department of Education. Apparently this guy took that as meaning to get rid of education altogether! Not what the movie was saying, and not what Ron Paul has been saying. The point about getting rid of the Dept of Education is to take the FEDERAL government out of educating our children. Since they have taken over education has been a mess. We could do a MUCH better job at the local level- and our kids would not have to be inundated with the propaganda starting at such a young age.

2) The same guy also claimed that Ron Paul is a "corporatist" who wants the "free market to run things". The second part of his statement is somewhat true- Ron Paul favors free market solutions over government solutions wherever possible. But the first part is completely incorrect and outrageous! In fact, Ron Paul is one of the only candidates running for president in either of the 2 major parties that is NOT a corporatist! All of the so-called leading Repbulicans and Democrats running for president are bought and paid for by corporate interests. Ron Paul is most definitely NOT bought and paid for, and consistently rails against corporations and corporate welfare! There's a reason why he is called Dr. No!

3) One woman said we need to support candidates who truly oppose the war. Then she said there are only 2 candidates who will end the war- Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel! As if Ron Paul didn't exist. Well, it may be tough to believe but yes he is running as a Republican but is truly going to end the war, as well as bring home the troops from the other 100+ countries around the globe, as well as prevent additional military adventurism by our government by cutting off the funding (federal reserve, income tax).

Lots of myths still out there about the 2 parties, Ron Paul, and solutions to problems. Fighting government corruption with more government is a losing battle.

Don't forget to tune in to the Bill O'Reilly show tonight, Fox News, 8:00 pm EST, where Ron Paul will be a guest!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ron Paul Wins Fox Text Poll

I love this :16 video. The sniveling Hannity can't stand having to make this announcement!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mike Huckabee: For real or a media creation?

Watching the Fox News debate last night from New Hampshire, it seemed that there was a definite concerted effort to highlight Mike Huckabee, possibly to move him into the media-created "top tier" of GOP candidates.
I have never met, seen, or heard of a supporter of Mike Huckabee for president. Where are they? Are they hiding? Are they anywhere on the internet? Why is he suddenly gaining recognition? What is he offering that's different from the rest of the field?

All I hear from Huckabee is slogans and rhetoric.

"Divided we fall"? "We must stay in Iraq for our honor"??????

This is utter crap! There is no substance to these words and Mike Huckabee is just another political hack. The media suddenly focusing on him is an obvious ploy to take attention away from Ron Paul. The good thing for us is, it won't work! In fact, focusing on Huckabee will actually help Ron Paul. The little squabble last night over the war launched Paul into the spotlight.

What would that debate have been like without Ron Paul last night? Watching paint dry would likely be more fun.

The bottom line is Mike Huckabee is merely a distraction. He has nothing new to offer and has zero chance of winning the GOP nomination.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To the Neocons

Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

If McCain, Romney, Thompson, OR Giuliani win the GOP nomination, they will get smoked in the general election. The reason? 70% of Americans are against this war and although the reality is that Hillary is no different than the pro-war neocons, most people identify this war with Republicans- and therefore will absolutely not vote for another Republican who is for the war.

But Ron Paul has the democrats shaking in their boots. A pro-peace republican who wants to legalize marijuana? He makes too much sense even to the far left! This is why liberal blogs like the Daily Kos are already routinely running hit pieces on Ron Paul, and often will not even type in his name so he doesn't get picked up on google searches!

Rudy McRomneyson loses to Hillary in a landslide....Ron Paul gives us conservatives a REAL option in the fight to bring back constitutional values.

Go Ron Paul!

Ron Paul wins in Maryland!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Ron Paul wins Maryland State Fair straw poll

This straw poll took place at the Maryland State Fair. You could vote from Friday, August 24, 2007 10 AM - Monday, September 03, 2007 10 PM. Only about 1000 votes were cast, indicating how bad the situation for the republican party is. 1000 votes at an event lasting more than a week...pretty bad. This comes after the GOP got less than half of what they expected in Iowa, and after the GOP had to slash its expectations at the Texas straw poll, from 10,000 to 3,000...and even then only 1300 votes were cast.

The straw poll numbers will be confirmed in a news release tomorrow, but here is the inside scoop from someone who helped count the ballots. There'll be a news release from the MD GOP tomorrow to make the numbers official.
Ron Paul 263 votes - 27.3%
Giuliani 220 votes -22.8%
Thompson 188 votes -19.5%
Mitt Romney - 89 (10%)
John McCain - 54 (6%)
Mike Huckabee - 35 (4%)
Tom Tancredo - 16 (2%)
Sam Brownback - 12 (1%)
Duncan Hunter - 3 (0%)
Write Ins:
New Gingrich - 17 (2%)
Bob Ehrilich - 3 (0%) (Ehrlich is former Republican Governor of MD)
Other - 11 (1%)
Spoiled ballots - 15 (2%) (e.g. voted for more than one candidate)
Total votes cast - 926

On top of such a bad showing, the Maryland GOP is broke and has numerous problems with membership. In fact the Maryland GOP is $50,500 in debt and only has $4,615 in cash remaining. Numbers can be seen in this article.

This win is also important, because it shows just how bad things really didn't cost anything to vote, and you could cast your vote over a period lasting more than a week...and still only 963 votes were cast.

And we all know the situation will be even worse during primaries, where you'll actually have to go out of your way to vote in the primary. And unlike Ron Paul supporters, these other guys just don't have the spark to get out of bad to cast their vote. And who can blame them? The current front runners cannot be called republicans with a straight face. We have a cross dresser who married his cousin, a lobbyist who lobbied for an abortion group, Mr. Money Bags who is trying to buy this election and a drunken sailor who pissed away millions in donations. And of course you have a whole bunch of guys who don't even believe in evolution(Huckabee, Brownback, Tancredo).

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stippers For Ron Paul (Tucker MSNBC)

Looks like Tucker Carlson is promoting Ron Paul in every way he can. "Strippers for Ron Paul" is beautiful!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ron Paul vs. Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani was having a little gathering at the Hilton Del Mar here in San Diego.
7 of us Ron Paul supporters met outside the hotel with our signs. We stood out on the sidewalk on a very busy street with a huge Ron Paul For President banner and a bunch of the smaller signs. It was a FANTASTIC experience! We got so much support from the cars passing by, many of whom were leaving the Del Mar Race track right across the street.

Then, after Rudy was done with his talk, cars started to leave and we kept waving our signs to the Rudy fans. A black SUV pulled up to us and the back window rolled down. Who do you think was rearing his ugly head? Yep, Ghouliani himself, waving at smiling at us!

Too bad for him that his supporters don't get out there and highway blog for him!

Anyway, just another great day campaigning for Dr. Paul and a sign that our efforts ARE getting through to people, we just need to do a lot more of them!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ron Paul : When in the course of human events...

Most popular candidate Ron Paul!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ron Paul Stamp

Here's a fantastic way to make Ron Paul go viral: the Ron Paul Stamp:

Stamp it on letters, fiat currency, flyers, etc.! I'm ordering one's only $9.95 and a very EASY way to get the word out. Get one today!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ron Paul Will Win. Here's Why.

This article is a preview of what is going to happen with Ron Paul in 2008. Broun is setting the precedence. This gives me incredible hope for what's to come!

Slapping Down "The Entire GOP Establishment"

Wed Jul 18, 11:45 AM ET

The Nation -- There is no question that Americans are frustrated with the current Congress. Polls suggest that approval ratings for the U.S. House and Senate are even more dismal than those for President Bush -- although not quite so bad as for Vice President Cheney.

But are Americans merely frustrated with the current Democratic leadership of the House and Senate, or are they disenchanted, as well, with the leaders of the Republican caucuses?

An indication of the indignation with Republican leaders came from a unique Georgia special election Tuesday, in which two Republicans ran against one another. Under Georgia law, candidates of all parties run together in primaries to fill open House seats. Then the top two finishers -- no matter what their partisan affiliation -- face each other in a runoff.

In the overwhelmingly Republican district of the late Congressman Charlie Norwood, primary voting last month produced a run-off featuring two conservative Republicans.

That's where things got interesting -- and instructive. The frontrunner in the primary voting in north Georgia's 10th district, former state Sen. Jim Whitehead, was the consensus choice of the Republican establishment. Whitehead essentially promised to be a rubberstamp for the Bush White House and Republican leaders in Congress.

His opponent, Paul Broun, was a quirky physician who claims to be "the only doctor in Georgia whose practice is almost exclusively house calls." A frequent candidate who was very much on the outs with party insiders, Broun barely squeaked into the run-off and most pundits stopped paying attention to a race it was assumed Whitehead would win with ease.

After all, Whitehead had represented much of the district in the legislature, he had a huge money advantage, and he enjoyed strong support from sitting Republican members of Congress and groups closely associated with the D.C. leadership of the party, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Broun had little going for him, except his outsider status. His campaign appealed to disenchanted Republican, Democratic and independent voters with the message: "Dr. Broun is their only hope for an independent-thinking candidate."

As Broun put it, he was "fighting the entire GOP establishment."

That proved to be an appealing message. On Tuesday, Broun came from far behind to lead Whitehead by 394 after Tuesday night's count. The win came thanks to a remarkable coalition of very conservative voters in the rural counties of north Georgia, more liberal voters in Athens -- the home of the University of Georgia -- and African Americans.

With such a close result, a recount is likely. But Broun's come-from-behind win is likely to hold, and it is already being described by Georgia media as a "stunning upset."

What message can be taken away from this result?

Given a choice between two conservative candidates, Georgia voters were asked: Do you want a candidate of the GOP establishment who promises to work with Republican leaders in Congress, or do you want an outsider who promises to go to Washington without strings attached?

As evidence of his independence, Broun emphasized a Ron Paul-like committed to "work to restore government according to the Constitution as our Founders intended." While the Georgia appears to be a more cautious constitutionalist than the maverick Texas congressman who is making a longshot bid for the party's presidential nomination in 2008, Broun borrowed one of the most popular of Paul's principles, promising that if elected he would assess any new legislation by first asking: "Is it constitutional and a proper function of government?"

No one was going to confuse Broun with a liberal, but he did display a Paul-like libertarian streak, suggesting that the federal government ought to stay away away from issues gay marriage and legalizing marijuana -- matters that the candidate suggested are best handled at the state level.

"I believe in the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which clearly says that all powers not specifically given to the federal government, or prohibited by the Constitution to the states, are reserved to the states and the people," Broun said. "I am not a person who believes that our lives should be controlled by politicians in Washington. I do not believe that the states are merely administrative units of the federal government, to do its bidding."

Whitehead responded by attacking Broun, using the standard anti-gay, anti-crime rhetoric of the party's congressional leadership.

It didn't work. And there is a lesson here for those who suggest that the dip in the popularity of Congress is merely a problem for Democrats. The disdain for Washington's way of doing things appears to be bipartisan.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Freedom is Popular

Great speech by Ron. "Freedom is popular." I love it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Phone polls vs. Internet polls

The T.V. likes to keep telling us that phone polls are "scientific", while internet polls are unscientific, indidcating they are skewed.

How can this be?

Phone polls are definitely skewed. First, this assumes the person has a land line. Second, it assumes these people they bug at home are likely voters.

Who is a more likely voter, someone you call randomly at home at night on their land line, or someone going to political websites and voluntarily filling out a poll?

I would say the internet user is more likely a voter.

Of course, both polls are skewed, but for us to give full credence to one and ignore the other is ridiculous!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Ron Paul will win

I really like this video. Says it all, Ron Paul WILL win!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ron Paul on NPR

In case anyone missed it, Ron Paul was interviewed on NPR. Brilliant interview with a hostile host!

Click here to listen to the interview.

Again the theme of "Ron Paul has no chance" was brought up several times. The media wants to create a self-fulfilling prophecy but you can be sure we won't let them!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why I'm voting for Ron Paul over Dennis Kucinich

When you look at the field of presidential candidates, if you are not really into keeping our country at war endlessly, you only have a few choices.

Immediately you can eliminate the entire Republican field besides Ron Paul.

The Democrat field is a little more tricky.

Hillary is a war monger in the Bush mold and will have us contiuing our empire building in the middle east and elsewhere.
Obama, Edwards, Richardson and I think Dodd all say they are against the war in Iraq. But Obama is on record as saying he would not rule out war with Iran! Edwards VOTED for the war in Iraq!(now he says that was a mistake, but he hangs out with the CFR who decide our foreign policy- I completely do not trust him). Richardson is also a CFR-connected guy who claims to be against the Iraq war, but I gaurantee not much would change foreign policy-wise if he were president.

I like Mike Gravel, but his Iraq pullout plan is a little more complicated than just ending it, and I don't think it will work. Also, Gravel is 82 and is not gaining much grassroots support, mainly because nobody thinks he has a chance.

That leaves us with Kucinich. Kucinich is vehemontly anti-war. He even wants to create a department of peace! He is also one of the few congressmen to admit that there may be more to 9/11 than what we were told, and a new investigation is a good idea. Having said all that, Kucinich for all intents and purposes is a socialist. If elected president, he would take citizens' guns away. Therefore, he is unelectable- America is just not going to vote for a socialist with these kinds of policies.

Kucinich has a great heart and definitely means well. He's probably the best option if you had to vote democrat, because he is a true outsider.

But the choice is clear. If you want peace, elect Ron Paul. He not only will end things in Iraq, he will completely change the disasterous course of our foreign policy. He opposes the Federal Reserve, which is a huge part of the mess we are in. This would go much further towards bringing back the U.S. to a constitutional government, and have lasting peace that does not change because some tinpot dictator somewhere abused his power.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ron Paul and Corporations

The most consistent counterpoint I hear to Ron Paul as president is that libertarians, if they took the executive branch, would let corporations "run wild".

I'm honestly not sure what this means.

If a true small-government candidate like Ron Paul took office, corporations and big business would have far less influence into our lives. Currently, big business is totally in bed with big government to the point that you can even interchange the names of top government people and top business executives and it's all the same. Right now, the whole system is out of wack and running wild.

If businesses like Coca-Cola, Walmart, Budweiser, Haliburton, etc. have no lobbying power, how can they control or affect our lives as citizens?

Realize that under Ron Paul we would have a very small federal government but leave some things up to states and local governments.

People say there would be nobody to "stand up" to the corporations. What exactly does this mean? Right now they not only don't stand up to big business, but the government actually gives them corporate welfare and uses favortism, things that Ron Paul is completely against!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why Ron Paul can Beat Hillary/Obama/Edwards

Ron Paul is not about Ron Paul.

What the hell does that mean??

The Ron Paul Revolution is about Ron Paul's message, not about the man, or his so-called "chances" in this 2008 presidential race.

His support on the internet is starting to dwarf the so-called "big 3" in either the GOP or democrat race. Everywhere you turn online, Ron Paul is winning a poll or dominating conversations.

Why is this?

It's the message, stupid!

His pro-freedom, anti-war, pro-free market message is attracting people from all different political philosophies.

The top 3 dems and the top 3 repubs are all pretty similar. They all bow down to the elitist organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, therefore, their messages sound pretty much the same.

Ron Paul not only delivers a well-received message, but comes across as honest- a new thing for any politician!

Ron Paul's biggest challenge will be the GOP nomination. If he wins that, he will have overwhelming support against Hillary, or Obama, or Edwards...Al Gore? That's a topic for another post!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ron Paul: Interview On 'CNN Sunday Spotlight' [May 27, 2007]

Ron Paul kicks some butt on CNN! Sunday May 27th.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Odds Are Improving!

Huge jump in popularity for Ron Paul means odds are vastly improved!

Ron Paul Presidential Odds Slashed in Half

Following a groundswell of bets coming in on 2008 US Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has reacted by slashing his odds to win in half.

The decision follows publication of an article on the website yesterday entitled Online Gambling: Don't Underestimate Ron Paul and featured revelations that Ron Paul has received more search queries than both Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani combined.

The article itself attracted a few thousand readers and was the single most popular article to appear on the website on Monday. It is the most read political betting related article within a single day period to date.

"So many Paul stories are getting pushed up on Digg that Diggers think there's a conspiracy or rigging behind them all," writes David Weigel of

Three months ago, Reason's Weigel pointed out that only weeks after people (like me) complained that Paul was being kept off the mighty Pajamas Media 2008 straw poll, he's on it and winning it, with a six point lead over runner-up Rudy Giuliani.

"So maybe there's not a web conspiracy to promote Paul. Maybe (1) the other Republican candidates are gobsmackingly lame and (2)lots of libertarians use this fancy "internet" contraption."

Ron Paul still offers great value at Two weeks ago, the 2008 Presidential candidate was overlooked on the betting odds menu. In only a 24 hour period, Paul's odds have been slashed from 200 to 1 to 100 to 1. That still translates into a $10,000 payout for every $100 bet.

Ron Paul is a strong advocate of one's right to gamble online.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Support the Troops? Are you a True Patriot?

Ron Paul gave an amazing speech to the U.S. House of Representatives last night on what it means to be a true patriot. Check this one out! You can bookmark

"it is dissent from government policies that defines the true patriot and champion of liberty"

"Faith in government coercion and a lack of understanding of how free societies operate encourages big government liberals and big government conservatives to manufacture a war psychology to demand political loyalty for domestic policy, just as is required in foreign affairs."

It's not a Republican thing. It's not a Democrat thing.

If nothing, else, most people would admit that Ron Paul is the most interesting candidate in the 2008 presidential race.

He openly rails against President Bush and the neocon agenda, even though he himself is a republican.
He did the same with President Clinton as Clinton used the troops in all kinds of illegal and unconstitutional ways.

Ron Paul goes far beyond political parties. He knows exactly what the problems in our country are, and does not care about left vs. right or republican vs. democrat. He wants our country to be brought back to the republic which it was founded as.

Supporting candidates who want to make everything republican vs. democrat is a complete waste of time. This phony left/right battle is part of the design to make us think we have a choice. TV instills this in us. Are you right or left? Which one of our pundits do you agree with? And they present only 2 choices in each issue, as if that's all there is.

This election is not about political parties. It's about turning the system upside down. No other candidate can do this. The rest of the republican field is pro-war. Most of the democrats are pro-war (Hillary and Obama both have said they would not take Iran off the table, Edwards voted for the Iraq war), and the ones that are not, such as Dennis Kucinich, want socialism for the U.S.

The choice is clear in 08. It's Ron Paul or we lose the country.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Can Ron Paul Really Win in 2008?

I keep hearing that "Ron Paul has no chance of winning the republican nomination or the 2008 election."

Nonsense I say!

Yes, it is an uphill battle.
Yes, the cards are stacked against him.

But I believe Ron Paul CAN win, and this is the best chance of saving the country we're going to have for a long time.

The difference between Ron Paul's campaign challenges and everyone else's, including Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and any of the other so-called mainstream candidates is this: the Ron Paul campaign team will have to work 10 times as hard as everyone else. He has a the mainstream media against him, the all-powerful CFR against him, the elite banking establishment against him, and the neocons within his party pulling out all stops in the attempt to give him the boot.

They also have us beat with funding: no matter how much Ron Paul raises, they will all raise more.

These are all obstacles- but they are NOT insurmountable.

We can counter the media with blogs like this one, and YouTube videos (Paul is currently the #1 candidate on YouTube- yay!)

We can hammer the neocons within the republican party as they try to pull their tricks.

We can make sure the Ron Paul Revolution is voting in every online poll.

We can continue to make calls into talk shows, no matter what party they claim to be for.

We can call and write to the mainstream media shows to ask for an interview with Ron Paul.

This is our chance to make change happen. This is defintitely NOT a partisan thing- it makes no difference what you used to be- "republican" or "democrat" are just labels. The important thing is to support Ron Paul in the primaries. Re-register as a republican, even if you were formerly a so-called "far left liberal". We need to counter the establishment, and I'm sorry to say but NONE of the mainstream candidates are going to do this- including Hillary, including Obama, including Edwards, and including every last republican in the field.

Ron Paul 2008!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Most Important Issues

One objection I have heard to voting for Ron Paul is his stance on abortion. He is a pro-life candidate. He feels that abortion is a state issue, not a federal government issue. Let's look at this issue and really consider how important it is before we go making a decision to not vote for him based on a single issue:

Abortion is what is called a "distraction issue".

Abortion affects like .01% of the population.
The Patriot Act, the war, 9/11, etc. affect EVERYONE.

I live in Califonia. What our president's views on abortion are will NEVER affect the legality status of it here, it will always remain legal, therefore the issue at the federal level has zero relevance.

You can vote for Hillary or Rudy G or Obama over Ron Paul, keep your endless "war on terror", your patriot act, your elimination of the constitution. But you will have abortion. And heck, maybe flag burning and gay marriage too while you're at it!

The point is, while it's important to know where candidates stand on all issues, there are FAR more important ones than abortion.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ron Paul for President

It's time to take the country back!

Ron Paul has performed fantastically in the last 2 republican debates. He has won nearly every poll imaginable online.

Ron Paul speaks to conservatives, republicans, libertarians, independents, and even some democrats and greens.

He is the anti-establishment candidate.

Ron Paul is starting to build momentum and become recognized. It's exciting to be following his rise in 2007. The mainstream media is doing what it can to shut him out. But it won't work, because Ron Paul speaks the truth!

Get ready for the Ron Paul revolution!